Revenue Explosion Marketing Audit

Comprehensive 50 Point Marketing Inspection. Guaranteed To Find Cash Hiding In Your Business!

Who else is tired of butting their heads up against the wall, spending countless hours at night tossing and turning in bed full of anxiety, and agonizing over whether or not they can make payroll this month?

61% of all businesses with under 500 employees fail within the first 5 years.

What that number doesn't account for is how many tough conversations these families have at the kitchen table about cutting back, finding a job, moving to a cheaper, smaller place... Even sending the kids to cheaper schools or tapping into the retirement and college funds.

All because they just can't seem to make this business profitable!

For you, my friends, I have a SOLUTION!

With this letter, YOU and your business are invited to participate in my Revenue Explosion Marketing Audit for just ONE dollar (An $197 value), where you will spend one hour either in person or over the phone with me, as we go through your marketing strategy to
determine how healthy it is, and the longterm results you can expect. At the end of the hour you will have a crystal clear blueprint of what to do in your business to rocket your revenue to the next level and really crank up the heat on your competitors.

That's what it's all about, isn't it? You want to make more money, and you want to become the obvious choice to all of your prospective customers.

When you and your business go through this audit something amazing will happen...

You will have a plan of attack. No more anxiety attacks about paying your mortgage, the kids college funds, retirement savings, and laying off some of your best people.

I will guarantee you the best of the best with this audit. You will get an actionable, complete checklist for instantly increasing your revenue TODAY. GUARANTEED.

Imagine what you could do when your revenue doubles or even triples! Take your family on a jet-setting, sun-soaked vacation somewhere with white sand beaches, and warm water teeming with fish with names you couldn't pronounce if your life depended on it!

You could buy that new car, and turn the Joneses green with JEALOUSY.

If you want to simplify your life, calm your anxiety, and multiply your revenue all I need is one, single, hour of your time.

By now you are probably thinking "Sounds great, but what's the catch?"

You caught me. The catch is, I am going to give you something for $1, knowing that it will make tons of money for you, and that you'd be crazy not to ask me to do it again and become my client.

My wallet cannot handle all of these $1 bills, so this LIMITED OFFER is only open to the first 7 people that click that little "Buy Now" button every month.

If you can't spare that dollar for this, you have no business owning a business!