“Hi, I’m Joe DeMaria, I spent years
Frank Candy and I after lunch in Orlando with Elsom Eldridge III as a dead-broke, clueless, law student in New York City 
living off of credit cards, until I discovered how a piece of simple psychology we all learned in pre-school could be used to create a steady flow of red-hot leads 24/7 and began teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to rocket their revenues and 10x their businesses. Now I’m one of the most in-demand marketing and lead-generation consultants around, and I make more on a single project than most lawyers do in an entire month.”


You're joining an incredibly unique, diverse, and talented group of entrepreneurs and small business owners who all possess a ravenous appetite for growth -- both in business and lifestyle.

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Things you'll learn:

  • How to generate leads that are 95% pre-sold
  • 5 Ways to Add More Cash To Your Business Instantly
  • How To Avoid 5 Marketing Rip-Offs
  • How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers-- then 10x it!
  • 10x-ing Your Business 101

I cover a wide variety of topics from inexpensive, proven, marketing practices, closing more sales, and rocketing revenue to tips, secrets, and misinformation that you may be drinking the Koolaid on!
Bottom line: Members of this list are here to become better business owners and entrepreneurs. They are the ones willing to put in the hard work, do the research (By keeping up here, and checking out books or other marketers I mention), and ultimately achieve amazing results.
I don't know you yet. I don't know what it is that brings you here, but I know that something is burning in you that drives your NEED to succeed in a way that maybe none of your friends or family---the 9 to 5ers--- can understand.
My experience is that entrepreneurship is a damn lonely life, if you don't surround yourself with likeminded people.
Chances are if you're here you have been told "No" in your life plenty of times. Like me, you've been told you can't do something. That you won't succeed. Maybe even that you're not good enough to make it on your own.
I have heard every single one of those things over the last few years, and it may not be a surprise to you that these barbed words often come from the people closest to you. Wives, girlfriends, your brothers or sisters, etc...
You're here because you know there is a way for you to succeed in your business right now. I'm here, because I know the way for you to succeed in your business.

To your growth and success,

 Joe DeMaria

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I really don't want you here, if you are not ready to grow as a business owner or entrepreneur. If you want to be stuck where you are until the money runs out, the bank swoops in, and you're out on your ass trying to explain to your kids just what in the hell is happening... By all means, unsubscribe.
OR, if you know that there are people doing what you do that are successful, even fabulously wealthy, you can stick around, get comfortable, and devour everything I give you. You'll make money, and you'll feel damn good about it.