Is GetFound a real solution or more Snake Oil?

April 18, 2014   |   Joe DeMaria
Recently, I put a call into GoDaddy about a product, GetFound, they had been advertising to clients of mine. After much hemming and hawing (They love a bit of hemming and hawing, don't they), I pulled some of the products details out of my new friend "Chris".

Apparently, this sweet little toy was going to allow business owners to place all of their information from street addresses to price lists, Business hours to social links, in one place that would then create pages across a dozen or more directories instantaneously.

Maybe this is a quick dirty way for small businesses to  get their names out there, and yes these do count as backlinks, which will improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your site. BUT, there is no way to optimize your content across each one of these directories, and in reality each directory should be paid attention to so that you may optimize your content for each.

Quick and dirty is just that. If you want the easy way out, by all means take it. But, I cannot think of a single successful business founded on the principles of "Whatever is easiest".

Food for thought.

By Joe DeMaria
Founder at JAD