Digital Marketing for B2Bs |

April 25, 2014   |   Joe DeMaria
If you are one of the many B2B marketers who believe the key to hitting it big for your organization is still flying to conventions all over the country to spend the weekends wooing prospects alongside your biggest competitors, this post is for you.

For this example, we worked with a notable 10+ year old Silicon Valley based high tech data security company. A high tech company with an aversion to digital marketing? Shockingly, this is more common in "The Valley" than Teslas, ugly divorces, and "toe shoes".

Quick Stat Attack [Bragging]: 

B2B's often lend themselves to SEO and other internet/digital strategies even better than B2C's!

If your company is one of the many suffering from these symptoms, it is worth recognizing that you are working with a blank slate, and that means that anything (Literally, anything) is a step in the right direction. 

More Pageviews means More Interest

So maybe it's time. Do a little googling, a little LinkedIn group brainsharing, and a little praying and you will be on your way to having a bronzed statue of yourself placed in the middle of your breakroom.

OR you can stay tuned and see just how we did it. Trust us, we have an army of bronze likenesses in offices around the Bay Area.

Organic traffic is the ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are too lazy, scared, or busy (You're not really, are you?), then we'd be happy to make you look good! Just smack that "Contact" button around a little, and we will do whatever you say.

By Joe DeMaria
Founder at JAD