The 3 Unusual AdWords Dirty Secrets [Free Blueprint Inside]

April 17, 2015   |   Joe DeMaria
At the end of this post, you will have access to the REAL tricks I use on ALL of my Google AdWords campaigns!
Hey There,
When I first started using Google AdWords, I quickly found out it that is can be the biggest deepest hole on the planet for you to dump your hard-earned cash into. 
I built a couple ads around my keywords, and then I watched AdWords greedily devour my daily ad budget with ZERO results.
Today, I am a little embarrassed to tell you, but I thought "What a piece of crap". I was having flash backs to the vending machines eating my quarters as a kid. 
The truth is, no matter how much I wanted to blame Google, blame, AdWords, and blame the guys who convinced me to try it all out, it was MY fault.
I had no idea how to build an AdWords campaign properly and I got burned for it.
Fast forward a few years, and my AdWords campaigns are the stuff of legends!
What changed?
I started using these 3 tricks that I discovered working alongside some real life Googlers in Palo
Alto. They told me that 99% of Google AdWords accounts are wasting money every day because they are not using this simple, easy-to-follow, blueprint for their accounts!
Instantly, my AdWords success rocketed up! Now, I am one of only a few AdWords high-rollers (Google Partners) because of these dead simple strategies!
I brought them all together HERE for you.
Full disclosure: I sell these secrets every day! For you, they are free, and I hope you implement them right away if you are frustrated with your AdWords experience.
In just a few minutes, you will be spending a fraction of what you were spending yesterday, and you will actually be MAKING money on google!

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