Ode to Entrepreneurial Struggles, Wrestling, and Creating the Competitive Advantage

March 19, 2015   |   Joe DeMaria


​March 2015 Newsletter

If you want to stop working so hard, gain financial freedom, and mercilessly topple your competitors then this could be the most important letter you read all year

How To Become Number One At Everything You Do

    It's a Sunday in San Jose, California (I'm sure you're aware that this is not unique to San Jose), and I woke up this morning with my legs feeling so sore that I almost gave up on my day the moment I rolled out of bed and onto my feet.

    There are two reasons why I did not give up on life for the day and beat a hasty retreat back into bed to sleep, marathon watch Netflix, and generally boo-hoo over my physical discomfort. Both of these reasons are equally important, and they are the secrets to entrepreneurial success.

Reason #1

    For lack of a better term, I have shit to do. Even on the weekends, life waits for no one and neither does the pretty little lady that kicks me out of bed every morning at 6 am to make coffee and breakfast.(It's important for you to note that I am a saint). 

Reason #2 

    After years of training, these painful days are part and parcel of life. It means whatever changes that I made in my routine have managed to shock my system out of stasis. Pain is life's pattern disrupt.


   How Pain Affects The Everyday Life of The Entrepreneur

Being a business owner or entrepreneur puts you in a first class seat on the pain train.

The government kicks you around, and sticks you up for 60% of your earnings...your friends and family with traditional 9-5's have no idea what you are struggling through...and people you went to high school or college with stalk you on Facebook and resent you for your success.

Thems the breaks, and boy doesn't it make the reunions fun!

By the way, entrepreneurs and business owners aren't just dealing with mental pain.

Long hours, hunched over a computer or legal pad, and constantly eating crappy food because it is quick and convenient are common features of the entrepreneurs day to day life and it all adds up.

How can we ever "Win the game" when our daily efforts break us down mentally and physically?

Hark unto me, Entrepreneurs! Here is the cure for what ails you!

Winning the game is simple. If you want to become the best at what you do, and you want to do it in record time it is not about honing your abilities. Your mindset is crippling you.

You need a reboot. You need to become Wrestlers.

Want to know why out of all sports, wrestling has the highest concentration of entrepreneurs and business owners? 

Thats because when you are wrestling, from the time you shake hands and square off to the end of the match you must be attacking. 
Entrepreneurship requires a wrestler's mindset.

Do you know why most people are not cut out for this life? Why they fail and close shop?

 They play to not lose...


Your competitors, big and small, are out there and you can beat them. Let me say that again, your competitors are out there ready for the taking!


Who the hell is Dan Gable, and Why Should You Care? 
I saw this video when I was 10 years old. My uncle was a wrestling coach, and my cousin was on the fast track to becoming an All-American, and every day he watched Dan Gable's Competitor Supreme.
Dan Gable is a wrestling titan. He is considered by Sports Illustrated as the "Athlete of the Century".

What's Dan's lifetime record as a wrestler?
Dan lost one match in his entire career, and it pissed him off so much that right after in 1972 he took gold in the Munich Olympics without allowing an opponent to take a single point. 
That's like pitching a perfect game in baseball on 27 strikeouts.
So why should you care about Dan? You are not going to be jumping onto the mat in an oh-so-revealing spandex singlet any time soon.
Dan was arguably even more successful as a coach.
  • 21 years and 21 Big Ten Top Tens. 
  • 152 All-Americans.
  • 45 National Champions.
What You Need To Take Away From This Video In Order To Supercharge Your Entrepreneurial Life, Get More Freedom, and Alleviate Your Pains
  1. Don't be a Risk-Averse Entrepreneur. You'll pass them by on your way to the top. You'll recognize them as the ones lying dead, face down, in the dirt.
  2. Never play for anything but the "Win". Pick your optimal outcome for every event, and fight like hell to get it. Anything less is a forfeit of progress
  3. Inspire and empower those around you. Uplift people that you work with. This Gable inspired ethic is infectious if you allow it.
  4. Aggression is the Competitive Advantage. Your competitors are risk-averse, which means they are not willing to do half of what you can for their customers. Find their customers and win them. Accept nothing less.
Becoming number one means taking risks to leap frog the competition.
I do not care one bit what you bigger, more successful competition is doing to advertise, marketing, or sell themselves. You are not allowed to copy them.
Not because that is unethical, but because it is stupid.
You don't get to be number one by ham handedly copying the incumbent number one. You get there by doing the right things.
Things the incumbent will NOT do.
5 Ways To Dethrone the Current Number One, and Take Your Crown.
  1. Guarantee Your Work. 99.9% of companies offer no guarantee, and that is a major oversight. A guarantee shows you know what you are doing and positions you as an expert. When customers come compare you to the incumbent numero uno, you are the obvious choice. "Do I go with the guy who has the bona fide 100% guarantee, or the guy that back pedals and quakes in his boots when you ask for one?
  2. Become an Implementer. You are subscribed to this letter. You are making an effort to learn, improve, and broaden your horizons as an entrepreneur or business owner. That's all well and good, but none of that matters if you don't use the damn thing!
  3. Create Your Irresistible Offer. Its not enough to have a website. Its not enough to have pamplets, books, or videos. I don't care if you log 100 hours a week on social media. This is the Godfather. Make them an offer they can't refuse to get the business and then "wow" them.
  4. Always Provide Education. Education is the bedrock of decision making. If you want people to buy from you,offer free information to educate them on something they are interested in! If you are selling retirement plans, "The Top 5 Places To Live In Order To Lengthen Your Life and Your Money" is a pretty enticing report.They are grateful for the free knowledge, and now they are more informed, motivated, and they trust you. Who do you think they give their business to?
  5. Become The Obvious Expert. expertise is a fast track to becoming the first choice for your prospects. There are a ton of ways to do this. My recommendation ismake a short outline, record 1.5 hours of you talking through the points, send it to a transcriber, then to an editor. In 48 hours, you have a book for under $100 that you can give away to prospects. Now THAT is a hell of an advantage. Of course there are other ways. Start a blog, do a podcast, jump on the radio, etc. But I love the idea of my clients going around and literally saying "Lead generation? Yeah, my guy wrote the book on that"!
    Alright guys, thanks for reading. That is me done for the day! I am off to remedy my physical pain in a cryotherapy chamber in San Francisco. Nothing like sitting in a room at a refreshing temperature of -264 degrees fahrenheit for 5 minutes to recharge the batteries and get the juices flowing!