Heart-focused Entrepreneurs

Success is a by-product of strong, entrepreneurial mindsets and a desire to better the world.

"Entrepreneurs are aggressive. They play every hand to win. Business owners play to just survive a little longer. They copy competitors, play it safe, and hope tomorrow is better. The entrepreneur makes a better tomorrow."
No one wants to spend their money on a "maybe", but that is what most of these "Gurus" are selling. What I do is proven. It's been around for hundreds of years, and the reason for that is it just plain WORKS.
Wow Experience
This isn't a slaughterhouse. You are not in line to be harvested for everything you're worth. You're a person. You deserve to be treated like one. Gifts, photos, letters, etc. I want to get to know YOU.
I believe strongly that if you have a product or a service that can improve people's lives you are obligated to get it out there. Marketing is not a dirty word. It's a superpower.
Joe DeMaria's JAD
My clients will tell you that I am a big cheerleader, a zen master, and a hell of a marketer. This marketing and advertising business is about connecting with people and meeting them where they are right now. Meeting you...wherever you are as you read these words. Yes, there are a million ways to fake it, but my biggest successes in life have come from investing in people. I don’t know YOU yet, and you are here because you don’t know me from Adam. That’s okay, because even if you never spend a cent with me, I want you to be raking it in. I give free advice on my TV show, in newsletters, my books, on the radio, in podcasts, on CD’s and DVD’s, etc. I even randomly call subscribers every week give them live free advice. From my personal cell phone, too! My true passion is education and providing value to people. I want to make your life easier. Remove the fear, the hesitation, and the self-doubt and what you have left is a perfect machine fine-tuned for precision no-bullshit entrepreneurship. That ability is inside you right at this moment. Right now. You can multiply your money while actually gaining more freedom. Work less and spend more time with your family, traveling the world, enjoy life. If golfing is your vice, play everyday. I happen to be a very talented at this marketing business, but my clients will tell you that I pride myself on bringing much more than just money-making know-how to the table.
Still Not Convinced?
Innovative Ideas
"Joe provided innovative ideas and thought-leadership to build visibility for the Beachhead brand and the SimplySecure mobile device security platform through digital/social channels.
Cameron Roberson
CMO at Beachhead Solutions
Highly Recommended
My subsequent meeting and coaching with Joe has allowed me to gain greater clarity on the best approach for growing my business. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who wishes to understand the "nuts and bolts" for building a successful consulting business.
Marlon Cruickshank, President of KnowledgeCenter, Inc.
Measurable Results. Fast.
Honing in on the right business metrics and working to get measurable results fast, Joe's strong intuition for tackling projects in ways to best achieve your business objectives, even in uncharted territory, is unprecidented.
John Cardozo, AllSafe